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Information Sharing

The information on this web site is provided for the free use of those engaged in non-commercial genealogical research. Any commercial use is unauthorized and strictly prohibited.

Please credit all sources taken from this site. To credit information you found here, please include "courtesy of Owings Stone Family Genealogy" and provide a link to this site (http://www.owingsstone.com). Thank you.


Photographs I've taken are mine, and I retain copyright to them. However, I'm happy to share most of them with other amateur genealogists. Higher quality versions of the photos on this site are available. Please contact me to request one.


Privacy and Living Individuals

In consideration of personal privacy and security, I have not listed names or details of living individuals. If you contact me by e-mail, neither your message nor your e-mail address will appear on this site.

Logins and passwords

No login is needed to access any information, photos, etc., on any person who is no longer living.

Sources, Accuracy and Completeness

Over the past several years, I've sourced every fact that I include in my genealogy database and those sources are fully documented. Prior to that, I frequently sourced just an individual's name (but not other bits of data about them, such as birthplace or death date). I'm working backwards to fill those sources in.

All information with sources is believed to be accurate. Names shown in all-capital letters are my ancestors. Names in upper/lower case are relatives of my ancestors.

Occasionally, I have also included individuals without sources to provide a pointer or clue for further research. This information is likely from a Web site with little or no sourcing information, and thus has not been verified here.

For more information

I'm happy to correspond and share information with other genealogists! Please click here to Contact Me.

 — Owings Stone

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