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Most Wanted

Here are the people and facts I've hit dead-ends trying to discover.

If you can help me with any of them, please contact me. I really appreciate it!


Person What I currently know What I want to find out

Elizabeth Duckett of Maryland

Elizabeth Duckett was born about 1760 and died at the age of about 95 in 1855. She married Ormond Hammond in Jan 27, 1780, in Frederick Co., Maryland. (I've seen a microfilm of their marriage record.) They had five children Denton (b. 1781), Nathan (b. 1784), Eden (b. 1787), Grafton (b. 1790) and Ormond (b. abt. 1792).

Many genealogy websites say that Elizabeth first married Ormond, but then later married Levi Casey. I believe this is wrong.

The Elizabeth Duckett who married Levi Casey in South Carolina was the daughter of Jacob Duckett Sr. and Sarah Odell. Her mother, Sarah Odell Duckett, is buried in the Casey graveyard in S.C. This Elizabeth had seven children together with Levi, the first in 1788.

It seems very unlikely that the Elizabeth Duckett who had five children with Ormond Hammond in Maryland was also having five children with Levi Casey in South Carolina!

So who are the parents of the Elizabeth Duckett married to Ormond Hammond?


Who are the ancestors of Elizabeth Duckett?

Nancy (or Anna?) Poor of either New Hampshire or Massachusetts

Nancy (or Anna?) Poor married Captain William Day on March 19, 1799, in Haverhill, Essex Co., Mass.

Their children were
- Hiram (b. Mar 1, 1804),
- Deborah Robbins (b. Feb 16, 1806),
- Nancy (b. Aug. 8, 1809),
- Sarah (b. Jan 17, 1812),
- Uriah (b. Jun 25, 1814),
- Mary (b. Oct 7, 1818) and
- Francis (b. Feb 9, 1824).

Captain William Day's parents were John and Deborah Robins Day.

The 1850 Federal Census states that Nancy/Anna Poor was born in Massachusetts and was two years older than her husband (which puts her birth in about 1777 because Vital Records of Town of Bradford, in Essex Co., Mass., show that Willaim Day was born 10 Jun 1779).

Corroborating information from another source says that Nancy/Anna Poor's headstone says that she died May 31, 1857, at age 80, in Bradford, Essex Co., Mass. This would mean she was born in about 1777.

But here's a conflict: Her daughter Mary's death certificate gives "mother's birth place" as Dunbarton, NH, but it does not name her mother.

So: Was Nancy/Anna Poor born in Massachusetts (per the 1850 census), or in Dunbarton, NH (per her daughter's death certificate)?

When I looked in New Hampshire records, I found a birth record for Nanny (not Nancy) Poor, daughter of Samuel and Lydia Poor of Raymond, NH. Nanny Poor was born born Jan 21, 1780. This would make her 77 at death. Raymond, NH and Dunbarton, NH, are about 38 miles apart.

Are Nanny Poor and Nancy/Anna Poor the same person? What was her real first name?

I believe that Nanny and Nancy/Anna are not the same person (because of different death years and places of birth), but this information is often slightly incorrect: The microfiche transcript of the original birth record for "Nanny" could contain a transcription error. The census could be wrong. Do you know?


Who are the ancestors of Nancy/Anna Poor?

What was her real name?

Is Nancy/Anna the same person as "Nanny"?

William McKissock and wife Tabetha H. Brannan of New York

William McKissock was born Sept 1794 in New York and died July 17, 1878, Montgomery. Orange Co., NY. He is buried in Berea Cemetery.

His wife, Tabetha H. Brannan, was born Dec 12, 1799, and died June 25, 1863, Montgomery, Orange Co., NY. She is buried in Berea Cemetery.

Oddly though, Tabetha is not listed in the 1850 Federal Census (13 years before her death), which shows William McKissock in Montgomery with daughters Lydia J. (age 18) and Marietta (age 11).


Who are the ancestors of either William McKissock or Tabetha H. Brannan?

Gibson Smith and wife Mary A. Hildebrand


Gibson Smith was born about 1825 in Maryland, according to the 1880 Federal Census, and his parents were both born in Maryland. At the time of the 1880 Census, Gibson was a hotel keeper living in Lisbon, Howard Co., Maryland.

Mary A. Hildebrand was Gibson Smith's wife according to a Genealogical Index to Frederick Co. The 1880 Federal Census suggests she was born in 1828, but I also found a birth date of July 1825.

Gibson and Mary Smith had several children:

  • Thomas M. (b. 1852)
  • Francis O. (b. 1854)
  • Ella P. (b. 1860)
  • Anna M. (b. 1862)
  • Jane L. (b. 1864)
  • Margaret R. (b. 1866, twin), who married Thomas A. Simpson and lived in Libertytown, MD.
  • Hattie E. (b. 1866, twin), who married Lloyd Barber

In Feb. 1937, the "Frederick News" reported the obituary of Mrs. Janie Lee Beall, aged 73. The newspaper says that she was the daughter of G. Gibson and Mary Holbruner Smith and that surviving relatives include sisters Mrs. T.A.Simpson (obviously Margaret R.) and Mrs. L.H. Barber (obviously Hattie E.), both of Libertytown.

So was the newspaper right or wrong in spelling Mary's maiden name "Holbruner"? Or should it be Hildebrand, or perhaps Hiderbrand?

Other information:

In that area of Maryland lived two men who, it appears, were siblings, Gibson O. Smith (June 3, 1825 – Oct. 15, 1902) and George Webster Smith (July 11, 1837 – June 24, 1923). Is this the Gibson Smith who married Mary Hildebrand. Probably so; the birth date matches for him.


Who are the ancestors of Gibson Smith and Mary A. Hildebrand/ Hilderbrand/ Holbruner of Maryland ?

Was her maiden name actually Holbruner, as reported by the Frederick News in a 1937 obituary of her daughter Jane?

Was Mary's maiden name spelled:
- Hildebrand?
- Hilderbrand?
- Holburner?

Elizabeth Hobbs of Maryland

Elizabeth Hobbs married Brice Maynard on Nov 16, 1807, in Frederick Co., Maryland. He was born about 1782 and died in 1810, leaving his estate to his wife, child Thomas and unborn baby (Elizabeth). Thomas was Thomas Greenbery Maynard born about 1809 in Liberty, Frederick Co., Maryland – Greenbery has many spellings, e.g., Greenberry, Greenbury, Greenbery.

Thomas's children were named Sabritt Sollers Maynard ("Sabritt Sollers" was his wife's father), Lavinia, Warren, Virginia Mitie, Thomas B., Albert and Clinton.


Who are the ancestors of Elizabeth Hobbs of Maryland?

Thomas and Jemimah Stone of Maryland

As of 1798, Thomas and Jemimah (dec'd) Stone were "of Westmoreland Co., Penn." according to Quaker records reporting the marriage of their son Daniel Stone to Sarah Hough, who came from a prominent Quaker family.

However, the 1790 Federal Census does not show a Thomas Stone in Westmoreland County or, in fact, anywhere in Pennsylvania. The 1790 Federal Census does show a Thomas Stone living in the Manor of Moreland, Philadelphia Co., Penn. Neither 1800 and 1810 Federal Census do not show a Thomas Stone living in Pennsylvania.

Church records for Philadelphia, Penn., show that a William Stone had a son Thomas on Mar 30, 1752, baptized at Christ Church in Philadelphia. This Thomas would have been old enough to have a son Daniel who married in 1798.


Who were the ancestors of Thomas and Jemimah Stone?


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