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Ancestry.com Ancestry.com is a leading resource for pursuing family history research online. Ancestry.com connects Internet users to the most comprehensive online genealogical resources available, including all available US Census records. Access to Ancestry.com's records is available through both free and premium subscription models, with nearly half of the content available on the site offered free to site visitors. Ancestry.com
Roots Web Root Web offers connects people so that they can help each other and share genealogical research. It also offers free web space for genealogy web sites. Visit RootsWeb
Libraries and Non-Profits  
New England Ancestors
(New England Historic Genealogical Society)

NewEnglandAncestors.org is the web site of the New England Historic Genealogical Society. Based in Boston, NEHGS was founded in 1845 and is the country's oldest and largest genealogical society. This major genealogy library in Boston collects, preserves, interprets, and communicates reliable genealogical data with an emphasis on families and communities connected to New England.

NEHGS logo
Family Search
(LDS Church)
Major repository of genealogical information, much of it accessible on the Web. If you can't visit the Library in person, you should know that it does lend copies of its extensive microfilm records to other libraries and you can request them there. (Sponsored by the Church of Jesus Chris of Later-day Saints.) Family Search
Portal Sites  
Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites
on the Internet
Categorized and cross-referenced index to thousands of genealogical resources on the Internet. Cyndi's List logo
Gencircles Community-based free genealogy site. You can search for information, and post your family tree files. The Global Tree is a searchable database of genealogical data, built from user submitted gedcom data files.  GenCircles
Peoplefinders.com Ranging from basic to detailed, this page of definitions and links can be useful to both the beginner and the more experienced researcher. (Thank you to a student in Ms. Ward's middle school class for the suggestion.)  People Finders
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The Wheatley's Genealogy data for the Wheatley family (from Whitby, North Yorkshire, England) and associated family branches.  The Wheatley's
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