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   Source ID   Title, Author 
201 S434 
Monnette, Orra Eugene 
202 S172 
203 S435 
Allen, Dorothy Edmonstone Zimmerman 
204 S173 
205 S436 
206 S438 
Du Bois, William E. 
207 S175 
Olds, Dan W. 
208 S441 
209 S178 
Prescott, William, M.D. 
210 S179 
211 S443 
212 S180 
Noyes, Sybil; Charles Thornton Libby; Walter Goodwin Davis 
213 S181 
Gardner, Frank A., M.D. 
214 S445 
215 S182 
Gardner, Frank Augustine, M.D. 
216 S446 
217 S183 
Fischer, David Hackett 
218 S184 
Russell, Donna Valley 
219 S185 
Weis, Frederick Lewis 
220 S451 
221 S188 
White, Virgil D. (abstracter) 
222 S454 
223 S191 
Vinton, John Adams 
224 S192 
Faris, David 
225 S456 
226 S193 
227 S457 
Scharf, J. Thomas 
228 S194 
Weir, Alison 
229 S458 
230 S195 
Bailey, Sarah Loring 
231 S196 
Lepore, Jill 
232 S197 
Parran, Alice Thomas 
233 S199 
Sawyer, Eleanor Grace 
234 S202 
235 S203 
Moss, Ernestine Park 
236 S204 
Wyman, Vincent D. 
237 S205 
Weir, Alison 
238 S468 
239 S208 
Pierce, Frederick Clifton 
240 S210 
241 S211 
242 S212 
Lighthall, Claire Lull 
243 S214 
Glenn, Thomas Allen 
244 S216 
Caldwell, Augustine 
245 S478 
Dow, Joseph 
246 S217 
Bodge, George M. 
247 S218 
McCracken, George E. 
248 S219 
249 S481 
250 S220 
Stickney, Lucy W. 
251 S485 
Roach, Marilynne K.  
252 S488 
George Thomas Durrence 
253 S229 
Bevier, Louis 
254 S493 
Edson, George Thomas 
255 S232 
Bowie, Effie Gwynn 
256 S494 
Weir, Allison 
257 S233 
Doliante, Sharon J. 
258 S234 
259 S239 
260 S242 
Graves, Kenneth Vance 
261 S243 
Wolcott, Cora Codman (compiler) 
262 S244 
263 S245 
264 S247 
Barker, Ellen Frye 
265 S250 
Bruce, Stella P. 
266 S251 
267 S252 
Leighton, Perley M. (compiler) 
268 S254 
Wells, Charles Chauncey 
269 S255 
270 S256 
271 S259 
272 S260 
273 S264 
274 S483 #85 Royal Descents, Notable Kin, and Printed Sources: Jewish Tycoon/Yankee Intermarriages
Roberts, Gary Boyd 
275 S322 1880 United States Census
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 
276 S335 1920 Federal Census
277 S258 1920 Federal Census
278 S345 1930 Federal Census
279 S304 A Classification of American Wealth: History and genealogy of the wealthy families of America
280 S484 A Genealogical Perspective on the Salem Witchcraft Trials
Roach, Marilynne K. 
281 S319 A Genealogical Tribute to the Golden Jubilee of Elizabeth II, Part Two
Roberts, Gary Boyd 
282 S482 A Partial Listing of Descendants of Mareen DUVALL "the Emigrant"
Carol Mitchell 
283 S461 A Probably Royal Descent for Thomas Bradbury of Salisbury, Massachusetts
Kirk, Marshall K. 
284 S223 A Reconsideration of the Wells-White Marriage
Trabue, James Duvall, J.D. 
285 S108 Ancestral Computer File, LDS Library, Hemet, CA
286 S263 Ancestral File (R)
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 
287 S487 Ancestry of Barack Obama
William Addams Reitwiesner 
288 S467 Ancestry of Bennet Eliot of Nazeing, Essex, Father of Seven Great Migration Immigrants to Massachusetts
Fiske, William Wyman 
289 S447 Ancestry of Lettice (Alger) Eliot of Nazeing, Essex, Mother of Seven Great Migration Immagrants to Massacshusetts
Fiske, William Wyman 
290 S332 Ancestry of The Princess of Wales
Roberts, Gary Boyd 
291 S287 Ancestry.com World Tree
292 S321 Art. #45: New Notable Descendants of Gov. Thomas Dudley
Roberts, Gary Boyd 
293 S464 Astor Family
294 S463 Ava Lowle Willing
295 S298 Becky's Genealogy Family Tree
Becky Thill 
296 S141 Birth Certificate of June Buxton Troppoli
297 S142 Birth Certificate of William Owings Stone
298 S316 Births Registered in the city of Providence, RI
299 S358 Celebrity Trees: Spencer Tracy
300 S359 Celebrity Trees; John Wayne
301 S368 Cemetery Transcriptions from the NEHGS Manuscript Collections
302 S452 Central Chapel United Methodist Church Cemetery
303 S432 Certificate of Death
304 S421 Charles Sumner Butters
Scott Jones 
305 S312 Civil War enlistment record
306 S213 Civil War Service Records
307 S459 Claimants to the English Throne
English Heritage 
308 S261 Concord Mass Vital Records
309 S462 Confirmation of the Parentage of Judith Everard, Wife of Samuel Appleton of Ipswich, Massachusetts
Mahler, Leslie 
310 S296 Congregational Churches
311 S418 Daily News
312 S51 Death Certificate
313 S490 descendant
Hinkle, John 
314 S241 Descendants of Humphrey Bradstreet
315 S449 Descendants of Richard Warfield
Faber, Richard Warfield Jr. 
316 S448 Descendants of Ruliff Crapster
Faber, Richard Jr. (RKayTek@aol.com) 
317 S353 Descendants of William Randolph and Henry Isham of Virginia
Roberts, Gary Boyd 
318 S228 Documents Concerning Jan Eltinge’s Disputed Patrimony; Sources ofr Biographical Data on His Family and Friends
Christoph, Peter R. 
319 S253 E-Mail from Jaynie
320 S186 E-Mails
Stone, Peter William 
321 S290 Early Marriages in Bradford, Mass.
322 S291 Early Marriages of Bradford, Mass.
323 S295 Early Settlers of Salisbury, Mass., Arranged into Families
324 S308 English Ancestry of Anne (Derehaugh) Stratton
325 S189 Essex Antiquarian
326 S486 Familysearch.org
LDS Church 
327 S275 Federal Census
328 S318 Federal Census
329 S327 Federal Census
330 S342 Federal Census
331 S343 Federal Census
332 S346 Federal Census
333 S352 Federal Census
334 S362 Federal Census
335 S363 Federal Census
336 S369 Federal Census
337 S379 Federal Census
338 S381 Federal Census
339 S385 Federal Census
340 S386 Federal Census
341 S387 Federal Census
342 S390 Federal Census
343 S391 Federal Census
344 S161 Federal Census
345 S163 Federal Census
346 S164 Federal Census
347 S165 Federal Census
348 S166 Federal Census
349 S235 Federal Census
350 S257 Federal Census
351 S336 Federal Census (Enumeration District 18 - 35, Police Jury Ward 3)
352 S380 Federal Census - Slave Schedules
353 S282 Federal Census for Massachusetts
354 S268 Federal Census for NY State
355 S162 Federal Census Index
356 S403 Fort Delaware Prison Times
357 S372 Frederick Co, MD GenWeb Archives
358 S416 Frederick Post
359 S465 Genealogical Aspects of the Forthcoming Royal Wedding
Roberts, Gary Boyd 
360 S106 Genealogical Dictionary of The First Settlers of New England
Savage, James 
361 S224 Genealogical Gleanings in England
362 S375 Genealogical Thoughts by Gary Boyd Roberts #44: Some Changes in Royal Descents, 1993-2000
Roberts, Gary Boyd 
363 S190 Historical Society of Newburgh Bay and the Highlands
364 S357 Inscriptions in the Cemetery of the Midway Congregational Church, Midway, Georgia
365 S170 Interview with Dorothy Troppoli
366 S15 Interview with Jane Troppoli Lomas
367 S426 John Beatty, Jr. (b.1701)
Hoskins, Anthony; History, Genealogy and Archives Librarian, Sonoma County Library, Santa Rosa, CA 
368 S476 Kingston DRC Baptisms 1660-1809 (Kingston, Ulster Co., NY)
369 S475 Kingston DRC Marriages 1660-1809 (Kingston, Ulster Co., NY)
370 S177 LDS File
Submitters to LDS Records 
371 S309 LDS Site
372 S248 Letter from Andrew Robbins
373 S70 Letter from Thomas Albert Collard
374 S399 Letter to Mary E. A. R. Hammond, New Market, Fred. Co., MD, from her father Denton Hammond, Fort Delaware
375 S400 Letter to Mary E. A. R. Hammond, New Market, Fred. Co., MD, from her father Denton Hammond, Fort Delaware
376 S401 Letter to Mary E. A. R. Hammond, New Market, Fred. Co., MD, from her father Denton Hammond, Fort Delaware
377 S402 Letter to Mary E. A. R. Hammond, New Market, Fred. Co., MD, from her father Denton Hammond, Fort Delaware
378 S398 Letter to Mary E. A.R. Hammond from “Aunt Serena S. H----”
379 S367 Lexington, Mass., Cemetery Records
380 S237 Loose Ends in the Bradbury Ahnentafel - Isabel/Elizabeth (Bendysshe)(Fytzwilliam) Bradbury
Kirkpatrick, Kenneth W. 
381 S474 MA 1855 & 1865 Census Database
382 S394 Macy’s - About Macy’s - History & Timeline
Macy’s Department Store 
383 S66 Marriage index CD: Massachusetts 1633-1850 (#231)
384 S236 Marriage Index: Maryland, 1655-1850
385 S52 Marriage License
386 S444 Marriage record of Carl H. Webster and Maude F. Buxton, vol 562, p438, Massachusetts Vital Records, 1841–1910
387 S440 Maryland Directory 1878
New River Notes 
388 S21 Maryland Historical Magazine
389 S364 Maryland Marriages, 1667-1899. [database online] Provo, UT: Ancestry.com, 2000-. Original data: See the extended description for original data sources listed by county.
Dodd, Jordan, Liahona Rsearch, comp. 
390 S100 Massachusetts Archives
391 S423 Massachusetts Vital Records, 1841–1910
392 S152 Maynard Family of Frederick County, Maryland
Dorman, John Frederick 
393 S453 MDGenWeb Archives Tombstone Project
394 S491 Murder in Colonial Boston: The Ill-fated Greenleaf Children and their Portraits
Simons, D. Brenton 
395 S297 NEHGR
396 S323 New England Ancestors of Depression-Era Novelist John Steinbeck
Roberts, Gary Boyd 
397 S349 New Orleans Marriage Records, 1831-1925
398 S348 New Orleans, LA, Death Records Index, 1804-1949
399 S415 News
400 S417 News

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