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1 (prob) Family: F5287
2 (says Mary Chandler) Family: F3714
3 (son born before immigration) Family: F8778
4 6th Church, by Rev. John Cary Family: F2
5 about 10 miles from Yardley Hastings Family: F5477
6 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: F12472
7 at the Evangelical Reformed Church in Frederick Co., Maryland Family: F931
8 Based on 1930 Fed. Census Family: F10
9 Based on brother’s will Family: F1594
10 Based on Mass. Vital Records, this is the first marriage for both; they were married by clergyman C. R. Harding. Charles lived in Methuen at the time of his marriage and Catharen lived in Lynn. He was 20 born in Woburn, she 24 born in Lynn (her age conflicts slightly with her age from other sources). His parents are names as George H. & Fanny Webster, hers are William & Matilda Webster. Family: F18
11 based on Robert’s father’s will Family: F6983
12 Book source says April Family: F385
13 Both Sarah and Samuel Plummer are named in the will of Thomas Miles of Prince George’s Co., Maryland Family: F5049
14 by Francis Fullam, J.P. Family: F2109
15 by Rev. Cotton Mather Family: F9179
16 CD Source spells her names Sternes Family: F2230
17 clashes with immigration date Family: F7041
18 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: F220
19 death date of 1st husband Family: F9002
20 Divorced because of her adultery with the Count Struensee. Family: F1536
21 first cousin Family: F869
22 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: F1
23 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: F1
24 Her mother’s first cousin Family: F2945
25 Int. Family: F8536
26 Intention (like bans): 24 Feb 1759 Family: F802
27 intentions filed Family: F5405
28 It appears that the marriage probably took place on 30 April 1712 by Jeremiah Wise, Kittery, ME. Family: F11363
29 It is likely that this was her husband, what is known is that she married a man named Smith. Family: F6005
30 It is unknown whether they married in England (in which case Richard would have been 15) or if Edna emigrated to America with her brother and married Richard here. It is possible the records were lost. Family: F3680
31 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: F12908
32 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: F12323
33 John Beatty and Susanna Asfordby were granted a license to marry on 7 Nov 1691, where he is described as “John Bettyes, of Esopus.” Family: F12237
34 John married his long time mistress after having had children with her. Family: F5522
35 marriage not recognised Family: F8358
36 Married at the Evangelical Lutheran Church, Frederick, Frederick Co., Md. Family: F8626
37 married by her 2nd cousin, Samuel Webster, later the father-in-law of one of her daughters (and the 6x greatgrandfather of OStone). Family: F5404
38 Married by Rev. N. Munroe, Bradford.

This marriage record appears in Bradford, Mass., town records:
DAY Mary, a. 22 y., d. Capt. W[illia]m and Nancy, and Charles E. Webster, a. 28 y., shoemaker, s. Charles and Rebecca, Oct. 22, 1844., see also

Mass Vital Records refer to Mary Day as a “Spinster” -- but only age 22! Other women older than her were not called Spinsters.

Note that the difference in age in the Vital Records is 6 years -- whcih conflicts with othr sources on their ages. 
Family: F25
39 Married by the Rev. John Elliot

Source: Ancestry.com. Boston, Massachusetts Marriages, 1700-1809. [database online] Provo, UT: Ancestry.com, 2000. Original data: Boston, Massachusetts Registry Department. Boston Marriages from 1700 to 1751 and Boston Marriages from 1752-1809. Volumes 1 and 2. Boston, MA: Municipal Print, 1898; 1903. 
Family: F11360
40 Married by the Rev. P. Davidson Family: F83
41 married his cousin Family: F429
42 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: F1034
43 now in Carroll Co. Family: F6319
44 Or was it at Monocacy Meeting? Family: F2949
45 performed by Robert Clements Family: F3755
46 perhaps Dedham, Essex, England Family: F2238
47 Preston was the home of his sister Mary Ryece. Family: F4233
48 prob Family: F1768
49 prob Family: F3634
50 prob. Family: F18
51 published Family: F2388
52 published Family: F2413
53 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: F28
54 Samuel Ladd had an ongoing extramarital affair with Elizabeth, resulting in three children. Family: F4605
55 she relinquished a dower right when Thomas sold some land Family: F4199
56 She was married by 1681 because she consented to the sale of land to William Digges. Family: F549
57 Source calls her Mitildia Family: F987
58 Source CD lists her names as Nancy Family: F989
59 Source CD says also recorded in Woburn Family: F3427
60 Source CD says married in Lexington Family: F2109
61 Source CD spells his name Joanes Family: F998
62 Source lists the couple as Thomas Burkbee and Sarah Kelle Family: F3532
63 Srce 40 Family: F431
64 St. John the Baptist parish church Family: F6060
65 The book source says Lexington Family: F2174
66 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: F1
67 The marriage took place at the home of James Harrison of Pownal Fee Family: F3983
68 The source CD lists her names as Burkbee Family: F1768
69 The two met when Daniel was doing rounds at Children’s Hospital (? or was it Peter Bent Brigham, where he did his residency) and Catharen was a dispensing nurse. She was “saucy” to him and he liked her spirit.

Best Man at the wedding was Joseph Troppoli, Daniel’s older brother, and the Maid of Honor was Agnes Sullivan, who later married Howard “Bud” Webster, Catharen’s younger brother. Both Joe and Danny were “in the dog house”, says Jane Troppoli Lomas, for taking part in a Protestant wedding! No other members of Dan’s family attended. 
Family: F2
70 The wedding was attended by John, Samuel, Obed, John, Francis, Misel, Sidney, Sidney, Mary, Johanna, Ann, Faithful, Barsheba, Henry, Joseph, Charles and Abraham Pierpoint, Chew and Basel Deaver, and Nicholas Gassaway.

Note: Thomas Taylor of Fairfax monthly meeting & of Frederick Co. Maryland marry 28-12(Feb)OS 1750 at Elk Ridge meetinghouse, Maryland., Caleb PIERPONT daughter Charles & Sidney Pierpont, the former deceased of Ann Arundell Co. Maryland. & of West River monthly meeting & Elk Ridge particular or preparative meeting, Maryland. (See Gunpowder monthly meeting, Maryland) 
Family: F4931
71 They named their first two sons William, both of whom died while children. They named their last child William, and he survived. They also named their first daughter Rebecca and then, after she died, named their third daughter Rebecca as well. Family: F997
72 This was the first marriage recorded in Falls Meeting. It occurred at the home of John Clows, Margery’s father. Family: F3987
73 “both of Woburn” Family: F992
74 “Cambridge Farms” Family: F2215
75 3 chidlren Constance, Duchess of Brittany
76 Possibly Elizabeth Courthope, daughter of Alexander and Katherine (Foster) Courthope? ELIZABETH
77 Acceded: 1863 Frederick, Duke of Schleswig-Holstein
78 Beall? Hannah
79 Great-great-granddaughter of Charlemagne HEDWIG
80 Daughter of the Earl of March Isobel
81 Went insane Joanna “The Mad”, Queen of Castile
82 Notes: "The Thomas Book," by Lawrence B. Thomas, "Thomas of West River, MD," p.28. KATHERINE
83 Widowed and married John Colubell on 20 Nov. 1558 Margery
84 Her father Henry I convinced the Barons of England to accept her as his heir to the throne after Henry’s only legitimate son drowned off the coast of England.

But her cousin Stephen, son of Henry’s younger sister, took the crown by force. 
MAUD/MATILDA, Empress of Germany, Countess of Anjou
85 3 children Raymond VII, Count of Toulouse
86 One source says that she is the daughter of Increase and Sarah (Staples) Sumner (who moved to SC from Mass. with their family) but neither a genealogy in NEHGR (p128f, pub 1854) nor Savage’s Dictionary show that this couple had a daughter Rebecca. Rebecca Sumner
87 From court records: “March 11th, 1670, Alexander Magruder and his wife, Sarah, to Mordecai Hunton, ‘Magruders Beginning’ of 600 acres. Patent to said Alexander Magruder, Aug. 3rd, 1668.” Prov. Court Records, Liber R. B. No. 1, 445.

Last name Braithwaite? 
88 1 child William II, King of Saxony
89 Born in “Hanover” according to 1880 Census listing for daughter Katherine and her family. <> <>
90 Hamelin was the child of an unknown mistress <> <>
91 Hibbert??? <> <>
92 Lived in NY. Matilda moved to NY to be with her son before her daughter Alice. <> <>
93 The 1880 US Census shows that Joshua was a widower when it was taken. No young children are listed as part of the household where he lived at that time. <> <>
94 Adeliza of Louvan Adela <>
95 of Elfleda AELFFLAED <>
96 King from 976-1016. AETHELRED II “The Unready” <>, King of England
97 King from 839-858. His fourth son was Alfred the Great. AETHELWULF <>, of England
98 m1: -- Fellowes AGNES <>, widow
99 3rd husband was Uchtred ALFGIFU (ELGIVA) <>
100 He became King on 23 April 871 after the death of his brother. He fought and beat the Vikings and entered into a peace treaty with them. He captured London in 886 and was finally accepted by Saxons and Danes as the King of all England.

He was crowned king at Winchester, founded the British Navy, organized the militia, compiled a code of laws, built schools and monasteries and invited scholars to live at his court.

He was the only British king known as “the Great.” 
ALFRED the Great <>, King of England
101 Fifth in descent from Charlemagne ALICE <>
102 named in husband’s will of this date ALICE <>
103 Possibly Appleton. Alice <>
104 She was admitted to the Charlestown church 31 Aug 1633 and died after 1642 but before 1653. ALICE <>
105 Stukely? ALICE <>
106 Died at age 28; possibly born Angelene McKissock Angelene <>
107 In the will of Samuel Leach of Calvert Co., dated Nov. 3, 1732,173, v6 James, son of Ann Heighe, is left personalty. Could James be Samuel’s grandson and his mother Ann be Ann Leach? Similarly, George Beck (Becke), also of Calvert Co.,173, v7, left a will dated 4th Jan., 1734-5 in which he left James Heighe his entire estate, excepting legacies to John Washington (Washinton) and William Garnham. So was Ann actually Ann Beck? It is interesting to note that the wills of both Samuel Leach and George Beck mention John Washington (Washinton). Note that it is also possible that James married the daughter of either Samuel Leach or George Beck and that is why he was left property!

Leach, Samuel,Calvert Co.,

3rd Nov., 1732;
8th Jan., 1732.
To Samuel, son of Arthur Jones, and hrs., all lands at Hunting Ck., being 1?2 of “Rattle Snake,” and all that other tract now in poss. of William Kid.
To James, son of Ann Heighe, personalty.
Ex.: Bro.-in-law Arthur Jones.
Test: Thomas Shephard, John Washington (Washinton), Jane Corkett. 20, 572.


WILL: Beck (Becke), George,Calvert Co.,
4th Jan., 1734-5;
10th Jan., 1734.
To James Heighe, ex., entire estate, excepting legacies to John Washington and William Garnham.
Test: Sutton Isacke, John Washington (Washinton). 21. 264. [Note that this would be Ann Heighe’s son James]


Maryland Calendar of Wills: Volume 5

Leach, Jeremiah,

Maryland Calendar of Wills: Volume 5

—– —– —–

Leach, Jeremiah,

30th March, 1722.
To son James and hrs., dwell. plan. “Leaks Freehold.”
To son Jeremiah and hrs., pt. of “Taney's Littleworth.”
To son Charles and hrs., residue of last named tract.
To dau. Mary —–, personalty, to pass at her decease to her dau. Mary.
Wife Elizabeth extx.

Test: Alphonso Cosden, John Cox, Adderton Skinner. 18, 49. 
ANN <>
108 to Maryland on ship “Constant Friendship” ANN <>
109 Surname: Plummer? Anna Maria <>
110 The source () states that her name was probably not Wright, explaining as follows:

Note that Henry Wright of Anne Arundel Co., Maryland, names his daughter Ann Maynard in his will dated 17 Sept. 1742. When his son William Wright died without issue, the accounting of his estate dated 6 July 1763, listed among his representatives Ann Maynard, who was stated as “but dead leaving children.” In other words, Ann Wright Maynard appears to have died before 6 July 1763.

The will of Thomas Maynard (possibly husband of Ann Wright; father of Thomas) was dated 1792 and leaves property to his wife Ann, which means that Ann Maynard was alive in 1792.

Note that it is possible that Thomas Maynard had married Ann Wright, and that after she died he married another woman named Ann. 
111 It was once reported that her maiden name was Langley, but that apparently is incorrect. ANNE\ANNA <>
112 One source stated that his second wife was Agnes Patch. The Winthrop Society states that her name was Annis ?.

In 24 November 1657 the "illegal will of Agnis Baulch of Salem, deceased," was presented at Salem Quarterly Court, and Benjamin Balch was appointed administrator; several neighbors testified that Annis Balch's estate "would not pay Bengeman Ballch and his wife for their trouble, labor and charge"; the inventory, taken 25 November 1657, totalled £9 11s., against which Benjamin Balch entered charges of £18 12s., and on 29 June 1658 the entire estate of Annis Balch was given to Benjamin Balch 
Annis <>
113 Count of Flanders, Boulogne and St Pol BALDWIN II <>, la Chauvre, Count of Flanders...
114 Count of Flanders

Based on Wikipedia, his mother is Otgiva of Luxembourg, Baldwin IV’s first wife, whereas Eleanor was Baldwin IV’s second wife 
BALDWIN V <>, Count of Flanders, the Forester, “Le Debonaire”
115 Elizabeth Martin? BARBARA <>
116 She is named in her husband’s will of this date BARBARA <>
117 Surname: Herring? Bathsheba <>
118 King of Italy 813-817 BERNHARD <>, King of Italy
119 Source () states that she is Henry Green’s daughter, but the entry under Henry Green fails to mention a daughter Bridget. Note that if she is, then she is likely closely related to Abraham Perkins, an ancestor of Samuel Adams, patriot. BRIDGET <>
120 In 560 he undertook government of the West Saxons, but was driven from his kingdom in 591 after a great slaughter of Britons at Wanborough. CEAWLIN <>
121 Did not rule CENRED <>
122 Visited Rome in 688. Did not rule. CEOLWALD <>
123 King of the West Saxons from 519-534. CERDIC <>
124 King of France 768-814; crowned Holy Roman Emperor 25 Dec. 800 CHARLEMAGNE <>
125 King of France, 848-877; Emperor of Italy, 875-877 CHARLES II <>, the Bald, King Charles I of France
126 Did not rule CUTHA/CUTHWOLF <>
127 Did not rule CUTHWINE <>
128 King of the West Saxons from 534-560. CYNRIC <>
129 Sibley?

While admitted to the Congregationalist Church in Salem, she was often fined for attending Quaker meeting and being absent from her own church. 
Damaris <>, widow
130 The source I looked in showed no dates for the birth of the 3 children of Aimery and Dangerosa except that as of 1115, the couple had been married for 7 years and had 3 children (putting the birth years between 1108 and 1115). In order for Aenor to have given birth to Eleanor of Aquitaine in 1122, she must have been the first born of the couple. DANGEROSA <>, Viscountess of Chatellerault
131 Surname: Veach? Daniel <>
132 Third wife of Edward. EADGIFU <>
133 Did not rule EAFA <>
134 or “Aethelswitha” EALHSWITH <>, of the Gainas
135 “Grandson of Edmund II; in 1066 he was the only candidate for the throne who could trace his descent from an English king. Subsequently, he was involved in failed rebellions against William I, before he successfully adapted to Norman rule.”

“Edgar was born before 1057, perhaps in 1052, and probably in Hungary, where his father Edward Ætheling finally found refuge from Cnut's attempts to eliminate him. His mother, Agatha, was kinswoman of a German emperor, either Henry II or Henry III. Edgar's two sisters, Margaret and Christina, were apparently younger. Edward Ætheling was brought to England in 1057, with his family, presumably to be heir to the throne. He died almost immediately.”

”Edgar the Aetheling: Edgar was a direct descendent of Alfred the Great, the most respected of all Anglo-Saxon Kings, and was the rightful heir to Edward the Confessor. Although he should have been crowned King of England, he was only ten years old when Edward died, did not have the support of the Witan and was not considered strong enough to defend the country against the Normans and the Vikings. He did not stand a chance against the power and might of Harold Godwinson.”

“According to the Leges Edwardi Confessoris (‘Laws of Edward the Confessor’), the young Edgar was given the designation ‘ætheling’, meaning ‘throneworthy’, by the king, his great-uncle Edward the Confessor. He appears in the Liber vitae of the New Minster at Winchester, c.1060, as Edgar clito (the Latin equivalent of ætheling). Since Edgar was not the son of a king, this was apparently a political statement by the childless King Edward concerning the succession. However, the early sources agree that when Edward died on 4 or 5 January 1066, he had passed over Edgar by bequeathing the kingdom to Earl Harold. Although some leading nobles may have wished to crown him, political reality told against Edgar.”

“what is most striking about William [the Conqueror]’s treatment of Edgar is that he allowed him both life and freedom...” 
Edgar Aetheling <>
136 King from 959-975. EDGAR “The Peacable” <>, King of England
137 Woodbury? EDITH <>
138 She was the great-granddaughter of Edmund Ironside. EDITH MATILDA <>, of Scotland
139 King from 940-946.

Note that one source gives this line, but does NOT state that he married his half sister! 
EDMUND I “The Magnificent” <>, King of England
140 King in 1016.

Murdered at the instigation of his brother-in-law, Edric, according to sources at the University of Hull in Hull, UK. 
EDMUND II “Ironside” <>, King of England
141 England - 1066: At the time, England had been formed of many small kingdoms and the Saxons saw themselves as a number of different countries ruled by one English King - Edward the Confessor. His death in 1066, with no offspring, led to conflict over the rightful heir to the English throne, which in turn led to the Battle of Hastings.

Upon his death, his sister’s brother claimed and won the English throne. 
Edward <>, The Confessor
142 Aetheling means throneworthy EDWARD (Aetheling) <>, the Exile
143 Became King in 899 upon the death of his father Alfred the Great. King from 899-924. EDWARD the Elder <>, King of England
144 Edward succeeded to the throne as Edward VIII (reigned January-December 1936).

As Prince of Wales he had successfully carried out a number of regional visits (including areas hit by economic depression) and other official engagements. These visits and his official tours overseas, together with his good war record and genuine care for the underprivileged, had made him popular.

The first monarch to be a qualified pilot, Edward created The King's Flight (now known as 32 (the Royal) Squadron) in 1936 to provide air transport for the Royal Family's official duties. In 1930, the Prince, who had already had a number of affairs, had met and fallen in love with a married American lady, Mrs Wallis [Warfield] Simpson.

Concern about Edward's private life grew in the Cabinet, opposition parties and the Dominions, when Mrs. Simpson obtained a divorce in 1936 and it was clear that Edward was determined to marry her. Eventually Edward realised he had to choose between the Crown and Mrs. Simpson who, as a twice-divorced woman, would not have been acceptable as queen. On 10 December 1936, Edward VIII executed an Instrument of Abdication. It was given legal effect the following day, when Edward gave Royal Assent to His Majesty's Declaration of Abdication Act, by which Edward VIII and any children he might have were excluded from succession to the throne.

In 1937, Edward was created Duke of Windsor and married Wallis Simpson. During the Second World War, the Duke of Windsor escaped from Paris, where he was living at the time of the fall of France, to Lisbon in 1940. The Duke of Windsor was then appointed Governor of the Bahamas, a position which he held until 1945. He lived abroad until the end of his life, dying in 1972 in Paris (he is buried at Windsor). Edward was never crowned; his reign lasted 325 days. His brother Albert became king, using his last name George.

REF: The British Monarchy Official Website

famous royalty 
Edward VIII <>, King of England
145 Egbert (Ecgberht) became King of Wessex in 802. In 825 he defeated the kingdom of Mercia and his kingdom began to supplant it as the dominant kingdom in England. By 827, he had essentially become the first King of all England. In 836 he defeated a Danish invasion force and remained King until his death. EGBERT <>, King of Wessex
146 Batte? Elizabeth <>
147 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
148 On 26 Nov. 1724, a Deed of Gift from Elizabeth Perry, widow, gave household goods, furniture, horses, cattle to children Charles, Ignatius, Mary, Easter, James and Benjamin. A Deed of Gift dated the next day gave daughter Mary and Easter “easch a Negro man.”

One source says her name is “Forrest.” 
149 Order of children’s birth is based on order listed in Will of John Phillips. Elizabeth <>
150 She may or may not have been the mother of his children. Elizabeth <>
151 Some say Elizabeth Pigeon ELIZABETH <>
152 Stevens, Powell, Jowles, Benger or Garnett? These are executors and witnesses to her husband’s will ELIZABETH <>
153 Surname: Key? Elizabeth <>
154 the Widow Jewett Elizabeth <>
155 The Widow Paine Elizabeth <>, Widow
156 The Widow Welden Elizabeth <>
157 After John died, she married twice more. ELIZABETH ? <>
158 If this is truly her death date, then she cannot be the mother of all of Thomas Mighill’s children. Ellen <>
159 Did not rule EOPPA <>
160 Ester Blanchard? Ester? <>
161 King from 1887-1918 Ferdinand <>, King of the Bulgarians
162 Ferdinand and Isabella were devout Catholics. After battling to combine Castile and Aragon in a civil war, they determined to trasform Spain and modernize it. Part of that modernization was a ban against all religions other than Catholicism. The establishment of the Spanish Inquisition (1478) and the expulsion of Jews (1492) were meant to strengthen the church, which would support the crown.

They are the ancestors of:
- all later Kings of Spain
- all Holy Roman and Austrian Emperors beginning with Charles V
- all Kings of France beginning with Louis XIII
- all Monarchs of Great Britain beginning with Charles II
- all Kings of Prussia and German Emperors
- all Russian Czars beginning with Alexander I

famous royalty 
Ferdinand II <>, King of United Spain
163 Surname: Medford? Fortune <>
164 Acceded: 1840 Friedrich Wilhelm IV <>, King of Prussia
165 Died after an illness Genevieve <>
166 Visited Rome, 1061. GOSPATRIC <>, I, Earl of Northumberland
167 Actually a Susannah Hunt and married in Westchester Co., NY? HANNAH <>
168 Children:
1. Elizabeth Stone b: ABOUT 1783 in Waterford Twp., Gloucester Co., NJ
2. Jerusha Stone b: 23 DEC 1785 in Waterford Twp., Gloucester Co., NJ
3. Margaret Stone b: 3 JUL 1787 in Waterford Twp., Gloucester Co., NJ
4. Joshua Stone b: 19 MAR 1789 in Waterford Twp., Gloucester Co., NJ
5. Ann Stone b: 8 DEC 1791 in Waterford Twp., Gloucester Co., NJ
6. Hannah Stone b: ABOUT 1793 in Waterford Twp., Gloucester Co., NJ
7. William Stone b: 17 JUL 1795 in Waterford Twp., Gloucester Co., NJ
8. Hope Stone b: 27 APR 1797 in Waterford Twp., Gloucester Co., NJ
9. Beulah Stone b: 2 APR 1799 in Waterford Twp., Gloucester Co., NJ
10. Jacob Porter Stone b: 12 FEB 1801 in Waterford Twp., Gloucester Co., NJ
11. Elvira Stone b: 8 SEP 1806 in Waterford Twp., Gloucester Co., NJ 
Hannah <>
169 Hapscott? Hannah <>
170 Philemon left a widow Dorothy Hannah <>
171 Some say Pengry, but others explain that references to “brother” between Moses Pengry and Robert Day is not strong enough proof and could be that at this time men whose children married each other were often called brothers. Hannah <>
172 Some say Eleanor Morse HELEN <>
173 King of England, 1100-1135 HENRY I <>, Beauclerc, King of England
174 King of France from 1547-59 Henry II <>, King of France
175 or Arlotta, daughter of an office in the Duke’s household HERLEVA <>
176 Surname: Spencer? HUGH <>
177 Did not rule INGILD <>
178 She approved Columbus’ voyage of discovery of 1492. She fostered religious reforms and was a patron of both art and literature.

famous royalty 
Isabella of Castile <>, Queen of Spain
179 Mrs. Jane Willey Jane <>, Willey
180 Plummer? Jane <>
181 m1: Robert Starkweather Jennet <>
182 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
183 Surname: Waters? John <>, III
184 either of Ponthieu or Lens depending on the source, both daughter of Adelaide of Normandy through different husbands. Both Enguerraand II, Count of Ponthieu and Lambert, Count of Lens were descendants of other royalty JUDITH <>, of Lens
185 It is possible that her maiden name was Croshaw, as a Raleigh Croshaw, Gent., arrived with the second supply with Thomas Graves. Note that neither she nor any of the children appear in a census of the Eastern Shore dated 1625. It is likely that she had returned to England, where many of the children were born. Thomas was not in Virginia at all times, there are gaps in the colony records where his name does not appear so he apparently often returned to England. In travels back, he brought others and obtained land for importing them. Kathryn <>
186 Roberts notes that the paternity of Judith of Lens is uncertain, it ispossible she was the daughter of Adelaide (Adeliza)’s first husband LAMBERT <>, Count of Lens
187 King of France, Emperor of the West (814-840). Died on an insland in the Rhine near Maniz LOUIS I <>, the Pious, Emperor of the West
188 “Almost all of his 29 year reign was spent fighting either the "robber barons" who plagued Paris, or the English. Nonetheless, King Louis managed to reinforce his power considerably and endeared himself to the working classes of France.” LOUIS IV “the Fat” <>, King of France
189 Living with her son Frank as of 1930 (1930 Federal Census). Louise <>
190 Swain?
Lydia <>
191 to Mass. LYDIA <>, Widow Cooper
192 King of Scots, 1058-1093.

Notes from University of Edinborough, Scotland

Malcolm's first attempt to gain the kingship came in 1054, when he invaded Scotland with an English army and fought a battle on 27 July. It was not a decisive battle for either side; higher Scottish losses were reported, but Earl Siward's son was killed and Macbeth remained king. Macbeth does, however, appear to have been seriously weakened by the battle. In 1057, Malcolm made his second attempt on the throne. He was defeated by Macbeth on 15 August 1057, but Macbeth was mortally wounded, and died the next day. Macbeth was succeeded by Lulach, son of Gillacomgain. Lulach proved to be less stern opposition, and Malcolm defeated and killed him on 17 March 1058, and took the kingship. Malcolm soon turned on his English allies, and invaded Northumbria in 1061. Another invasion in 1070 was not well received by William the Conqueror, who invaded Scotland in 1072, and forced Malcolm to give up his son, Duncan, as a hostage. Malcolm successfully dealt with internal opposition in 1077, when he defeated an attempt by Lulach's son, Maelsnetchai, to seize the kingship. A raid on England in 1079 was defeated, but a successful raid in 1091 set off a chain of events which lead to Malcolm's death. William Rufus refused to respond to overtures from Malcolm in 1093, and Malcolm invaded England for the last time. During the Seige of Alnwick Castle in Northumbria, Malcolm was ambushed and killed along with his son Edward. He was succeeded by his brother Donald Ban. 
MALCOLM III (Ceanmor) “Longneck” <>, King of Scotland
193 Margaret Parker signed her will on 19 January 1592/93 as widow of South Benfleet, England. It was proved on 9 Sept. 1594. The will named the following people:
- John Parker, son of her son John Parker
- Sarah, daughter of her son John Parker
- son John Parker of Great Burstead
- Anne, daughter of son-in-law John Robinson of South Benfleet, at marriage or 18
- Anne Robinson
- Joan Robinson, daughter of Joan Pepper
- Amy Dore, daughter of Thomas Dore of Great Burstead (her granddaughter)
- Joan Wilshere of Great Burstead, widow
- Rebecca, the girl oof her house
- Dorothy, the wife of Hercules Robynson
- John Marsh of South Benfleet
- remainder to John Robynson, executor

Who are the Robinson/Robynson families and is she related to them? Potentially a cluse to her identity. 
194 St. Margaret of Scotland (canonized in 1250)

Notes from the University of Hull, UK: Canonized in 1250 and her feast day is Nov. 16. In 1057 she arrived at the English court of Edward the Confessor. Ten years later she was is exile after William defeated Harold at the Battle of Hastings. She fled to Scotland where she married against her wishes to King Malcolm to whom she bore 6 sons and 2 daughters. Her unlearned and boorish husband became more graceful and Christian under her graceful influence.

Her remains were taken to Escorial, Spain and her head to Douai, France. 
MARGARET (Aetheling) <>
195 For Ancestors of Marguerite see
MARGUERITE of France <>
196 An internet source says her last name was PARRAT (another ancestral name of Catharen Buxton Webster) Martha <>, Smith
197 (possibly Blount) Mary <>
198 Gott? Mary <>
199 In the 1930 Federal Census, Mary Grunewald is listed as the mother-in-law living with Peter A. Chopin, but her husband is not listed. Mary <>
200 Into her marriage to Joshua Cecil, Mary brought an infant daughter, Ann, born after the death of her husband William Selby. She also brought 100 acres of land called "The Farme" which she inherited from her late husband which was to revert to her son, William Selby, on her demise. Mary died between 1712 and 1717. A deed executed in 1722 confirms her son, William Selby, owned a portion of "The Farme" at that time (Land Records, Liber I, folio 309).

Before his death, according to his 1717 Will, Joshua Cecil made provisions for his step-daughter, Ann Selby. 

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